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Lauren caldwell

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Lauren caldwell

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Her research is on the Roman Empire. Her book, Roman Girlhoodwas published by Cambridge University Press in and provides the first in-depth study of how the Romans conceptualized female adolescence and understood the place of teenaged girls in society. She is at work on a new study of health care caldwll the Roman world that focuses on evidence for the relationship between practitioners and patients.

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How close are the caldwells and duggars?

Not only do the two families attend the same church in Arkansas, but they also engage in similar activities. In July ofwhen Lauren was 19 years old, caldwwell family shared that they had recently celebrated her high school graduation at a party a the Duggar house.

That said, it would not be a huge shock if the Duggars announced a new relationship as early as It laursn also possible that she cannot figure out which one she wants to pursue. That said, it does appear like Lauren is thinking about dating one of the Duggar boys.

While their romance was announced inthe older Caldwell girls could be spotted in Duggar family photos as early as For example, Lauren was seen being very friendly with lauren when Kendra gave birth to her second. She may be linked to several Counting On stars, but the family still holds pretty strict views when it comes to courting — and being with more than one person is completely out of the question. Lauren fits right in with the Duggars While we wait to hear more on the courtship front, there is little doubt Lookin to meet mutual benefits Lauren is a perfect match for the Duggars.

The Duggars have not commented on the Lauren situation, but a recent episode of Counting On left fans convinced that Lauren and Jason are a thing. Just one baby is on the way and will be born in January. Counting On just aired the season 10 finale, but there is little doubt that the Duggars will be back in caldwell For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews — Subscribe on YouTube!

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Lauren's high school graduation Lauren was homeschooled growing up. The hashtag betterLateThanNever suggests that the party took place caldwfll compared to when she completed her schooling. Research Areas.

With all of this silence, fans are starting to speculate about a possible courtship or baby. There have been a few hints at a potential courtship over the past few months. Fans will just have to wait and see. According to The Hollywood GossipLauren was first linked to Jason, but a few months later, reports surfaced that she was caldqell caldwell a romance with James.

However, lauren have been hoping for another Duggar-Caldwell match since at least As Counting On fans may recall, there were also rumors that Kendra was first interested in Jedidiah Duggar before setting her sights on Joseph.

Family info

Whatever is happening behind closed doors, it will probably be a long time before we hear anything about a courtship. Inher father was sent by Baptist International Missions, Inc. Both families, for instance, homeschool their children and have strict rules regarding courting.

Abbie has curly hair, and the person pictured does not. John-David and Abbie are expecting their first baby, a girl, together.

‘counting on’: who is lauren caldwell, and why does everyone think she’s courting james duggar?

Aside from Kendra and Joseph, the Caldwells and the Duggars go way back. A couple of weeks after the special, Lauren enjoyed a short cameo on Counting On. A mission trip photo featured Jason and Lauren Caldwell with a group of friends in Greece.

At the moment, there are no announced courtships or weddings in the works. Over the past year, Lauren has been linked to both Jason Duggar and James Duggar, both of whom are old enough to start courting. Her research is on the Roman Empire.

Lauren caldwell

Could James be next? Family followers originally assumed Lauren was courting Jason Duggar Before rumors started swirling that Lauren and James were an item, she was linked to a different Duggar boy. In a picture shared on the Duggar family Instagramsomeone is exchanging gifts with James Duggar.

She was also spied on a mission trip with Jason Duggar, leading to speculation that Lauren has caught the eye of at least one of the Duggar boys. But considering that the Duggars only allow side-hugs when couples are courting, the contact was actually a big deal.

Research areas

Her appearances are generally serving as a chaperone to her sister Kendra and Joseph Duggaror in family events related to the couple. She is at work on a new study of health care in the Roman world that focuses capdwell evidence for the relationship between practitioners and patients.

Of course, the hang could be totally innocent. Only this time, the cameras caught her placing a hand on James during a baking scene. There was also a rumor that Lauren and Josh Duggar were getting together, though that turned out to be a silly typo can you imagine if that were true? Will They Go to College?

They noticed that the girl pictured has blonde hair. We should make it clear that Lauren is not courting multiple Duggars at the same time. Her cameos were mostly as chaperones to Joseph and Kendra, or when the two families come together for public events. Share on LinkedIn Duggar fans are eagerly awaiting an announcement from the family.

‘counting on’ fans can’t agree which duggar brother lauren caldwell is courting

So is there any truth to the rumors that Caldwell is looking to become the next member of her family to the Duggar clan? Her book, Roman Girlhoodwas published by Cambridge University Press in and provides the first in-depth study of how the Romans conceptualized female adolescence and understood the place of teenaged girls in society. This is a vague, but exciting news.

Kendra is married to Joe Duggar. Lauren has also appeared on a few episodes of Counting On.